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SolarGo2 110W Fold Up Solar Panel With Controller

110W Fold Up Solar Panel With Controller

110W fold up solar panel with controller, ideal for power generation in small motorhomes, caravans and boats.

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SolarGo2’s 110W portable folding solar panel is waterproof and lightweight. With built in high efficiency solar panels and a tough charge controller. Ideal if you have a motorhome, caravan, or are into camping and off-grid adventures.

The durable canvas outer casing supports each of the included solar panels. Each panel is 55 Watts and is designed to last. With a strong ETFE diamond surface and a polymer composite material back face, they are very able to take the knocks of the outdoors. Each panel includes the latest generation A-grade mono crystalline solar cells with 9 buzz bars giving you superior and enhanced efficiency, lower stress, and lower degradation over the panels life time.

But that’s not all. On top of this great specification you also get the super tough charge controller to optimise the charging power from the solar panel to your battery. This tough controller is a simple plug and play design and able to charge almost all of the leisure batteries currently on the market, including lead acid, Gel, AMG, calcium, lithium (including LI phosphate and Li+).

SolarGo2 110W Fold Up Solar Panel With Controller
SolarGo2 110W Fold Up Solar Panel

As an added feature the tough controller can even “wake up” a dead lithium battery where the battery management has taken control and stopped the battery from working.

The SolarGo2 Portable Folding Solar Panels are:

Easy to carry
They can be lifted easily with one hand.
Easy to use
Simply unfold the panel, point it at the sun, plug in the controller and connect it to you 12V leisure battery with the supplied 5m long fused cable.
Easy to adjust
Move the position of the solar panel in order to achieve best charging effect.
IP Rated
Waterproof and tough using both new polymer materials for the panels and a rugged tough controller ready for all weathers.
Small and compact
Making them easy to store.

How can I tell if my panel is working?

You will need to have access to a DVM (digital voltmeter) that can measure DC voltages up to 100V or higher and DC Amps up to 10A. Then with the wires from the panel (not connected to anything else) connect the red probe to the red wire and the black probe to the black wire to test the voltage coming from the solar panel.

This should give a reading of between 14 and 26 Volts DC depending on light conditions at the time. Then set your DVM to test the current, i.e. amps, coming from the panel and connect the probes as before. This may involve moving one of the probes on the DVM.

The results will vary depending on the panel, but any positive reading indicates that your panel is working. Both tests are basically short circuiting the panel. Check your solar panel instructions for more help on this.

Do I need to connect the supplied cable to my solar panel?

All Our SolarGo2 panels come with a pre-installed cable. This cable is 5m long and is designed to get the very best power transfer from your panel to the controller. This is normally plenty of cable for your install, but more is available on our web site.

What is the difference between mono and poly-crystalline?

The main difference between the two technologies is the type of silicon used in the solar panels:

Mono-crystalline solar panels have solar cells made from a single crystal of silicon, this is still considered the best of the current solar panels.

Poly-crystalline solar panels have solar cells made from many silicon fragments melted together. And although this has improved over the years with technology it is still not as good as mono-crystalline. It is more of a ‘best of the rest’ panel.

My solar panel has been damaged, and the panel looks like water has got inside. The solar panel is still creating power so can I leave it?

Your solar panel will need replacing ASAP. The area letting in water, will eventually let water onto the silicon and as soon as we have a frost the water will freeze and break up the silicon inside the panel stopping the panel from working. This can also create a short circuit that could make the installed solar controller fail, costing you more to fix the problem.

Are my panels weatherproof?

Yes, all SolarGo2 panels are designed to be left outside all year-round rain or shine. However, they are not designed to work underwater i.e., submerged.

How long should my panel last?

Our SolarGo2 Flexi panels are designed to last. We give you a 1-year product guarantee and a 10-year cell guarantee.

Electrical Characteristics
Type Monocrystalline (A Grade, 158.75mm, High efficiency)
Peak power (Pmax) 110Wp
Power tolerance range (%) ±3%
Open circuit voltage / Voc (V) 23.3v DC
Max. power voltage / Vmp (V) 19v DC
Short circuit current / Isc (A) 5.99A
Max power current / Imp (A) 5.56A
Maximum System Voltage (V) 100V DC
Above Specification at standard test conditions(STC):1000W/㎡, cell temperature 25°C, AM1.5
Panel Info
Part Number FP110-PWM
Power 110Wp (2×55W)
Cable type 2mm twin core Red / Black (UV stable)
Cable length 5m
Frame Material Poly/Black
Face Material ETFE with Diamond surface
Waterproof Yes
Open Dimensions (mm) 1305 x 565 x 4mm
Closed Dimensions (mm) 565 x 550 x 15mm
Weight (including controller) TBA
Controller Info
Charging System 12V battery charging only
Charging 6-stage charging
LCD Display Voltage, Amps, Todal day Amps
Waterproof Yes (IP65)
Solar Input Voltage 13V - 26V (max)
Solar Input Wattage 5W - 260W (max)
Battery Compatibility Lead acid, AGM, Gel Batteries, Lithium, Li-LION, LiFEPO, Li+, Calcium
Special Feature 'Wake Up' dead Lithium batteries
Conections Input/ouput via Anderson connections (supplied)
Performance UK weather (weather dependant)
Average expected winter ≈ 4.48Ah (88Wh) per day (0.8h)
Average expected Summer ≈ 33.65Ah (660Wh) per day (6h)
Performance (of cells 20 years (at 80% of day 1 performance)
Product construction 2 Years


View: SolarGo2 110W Fold Up Solar Panel With Controller Instructions (PDF)

Download: SolarGo2 110W Fold Up Solar Panel With Controller Instructions (PDF)

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