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Solar Panel Efficiency Calculator

Whilst our leisure solar panels might not always be the lowest cost panel on the market, we do have some of the best quality and performance solar panels and solar lighting products in the market. We always use the highest quality solar cells and materials to deliver the best performing panels.

Possibly one of the best real world calculations you can do is to work out the actual efficiency of your panel. This is something we are very aware of when putting together a SolarGo2 panel and strive to be the very best. We don't need to “create” marketing claims and product names to make you think you're buying the best, our specification and efficiency do this for us.

Your panel's efficiency and power output can be calculated below.

Please use this to check how efficient our, or our competitors, panels really are:

  • Enter your panel's rated power (normally shown in Watts)
  • Enter the width of your panel to the nearest centimetre
  • Enter the length of your panel to the nearest centimetre

SolarGo2 Panels

Competitor Panels

Check the panel specification with the supplier and enter the details below:

NB. The higher the number the more efficient your solar panel is.

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