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Why buy from SolarGo2?

There are many reasons to buy your solar panel from SolarGo2. We have listed just a few below:

Knowledge & experience

We each have over 12 years’ experience in creating on and off grid solar systems. And over 6 years’ experience with on grid battery systems, both in this country with factory and house installs to complete off grid systems running street lighting and small (under 200 users) mains grid systems in Kenya.

If you have any questions, ask us and we will try our best to help.

Presales & aftercare

Need help understanding what panel you need? Is your panel working correctly? How can you test the solar system etc? Well we are here to help, all of the staff at SolarGo2 have the knowledge to be able to answer your question without passing you around the company.

  • Help you choose the correct panels for your requirements
  • Help you size up the correct system
  • Fault find any problems you may have
  • Inside knowledge of caravan and motorhome electronics and other 12V DC systems

Efficiency & power

Whilst our leisure solar panels might not always be the lowest cost panel on the market, we do have some of the best quality and performance solar panels and solar lighting products in the market. We always use the highest quality solar cells and materials to deliver the best performing panels.

Possibly one of the best real world calculations you can do is to work out the actual efficiency of your panel. This is something we are very aware of when putting together a SolarGo2 panel and strive to be the very best. We don't need to “create” marketing claims and product names to make you think you're buying the best, our specification and efficiency do this for us.

Head over to our solar panel efficiency calculator to work out your panel's efficiency and power output.

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Build & performance warranty

We give our panels the industry standard or better so you can enjoy peace of mind. In addition, we back this with friendly support via phone or email.

  • Rigid Panels: 10 years build / 20 years performance
  • Semi-Flexible Panels: 1 years build / 10 years performance. (In fact, we are currently looking into ways to improve on this)

For example, our rigid panels come with a 10 year workmanship warranty and a 20 year performance warranty.

This means, for the first 10 years, we guarantee the solar panel against any defects in the build you may incur like water ingress and movements in the aluminium frame.

The 20 year performance guarantee says the output of the solar panel will not be more than 20% less than its original power output in its 20th year, so your 100W panel should still be giving you at least 80W output, even after 20 years of service.

The above warranties have become almost a standard with high quality rigid solar panels but it’s worth checking carfeully before buying as there are many unscrupulous suppliers only offering as little as 1 year warranty on their rigid panels!

Quality charge controllers & voltage regulators

If you're purchasing one of our panel kits they will come as standard with a Victron MPPT controller, that is considered one of the best you can get. We have tested loads of controllers on the market but they just don’t do as well both in power transfer from the panel to the battery and in reliability.

We also offer a 5 year warranty on Victron controllers giving you peace of mind on this, the most important part of your solar system. You really do get what you pay for so avoid a cheaper unit as you will end up replacing it after a couple of years.

Browse our range of solar charge controllers and regulators

Quality brackets & fittings

If you're purchasing one of our kits they will come with a choice of fitting options. I personally have a long term friendship with all my suppliers and will only offer our customers the very best they can get, while trying to make sure you're getting the best value for money.

Browse our range of solar panel fixings and accessories

Environmentally friendly

And finally, yes we do care about the environment here at SolarGo2. Not only do we package everything in easily recycled brown cardboard but we do everything we can around our office and warehouse to keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

Whilst we don't make the household panels for our installs, we do ensure that we buy high quality units that are MCS approved and will give you years of trouble free use.