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SolarGo2 Solar Garden Lights GL001

Solar Garden Lights GL001

Twin pack of stylish & contemporary garden lights that will stand out in the garden for years to come. Built to last with an aluminium and glass construction.

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The stylish SolarGo2 GL001

Welcome to the SolarGo2 GL001 garden light. This stylish & contemporary garden light comes in a pack of 2 lights and will give years of pleasure lighting up the garden.

Its sophisticated looks and design give a warm 50 lumens output once the sun goes down and runs throughout the night. A small colour LED indicator let you see if the light is charging from its internal solar panel during the day and how much power is stored inside the internal battery.

Its hidden power button lets you select between 2 working modes with a colour led clearly indicating the mode you have set it to. This light is simply fitted to the ground with the supplied screws and includes the Brilliant ASL2.1 and TCS Technologies the built in**.

SolarGo2 GL001
SolarGo2 GL001

It has 2 working modes, that can be selected by a press of the power button:

Mode 1

This gives you an excellent 50 Lumens output for 2 hours. This then drops by 20% brightness each hour till the light is at 5 lumens. It will then hold that light output till dawn or the internal battery energy runs out.

Mode 2

This setting gives you a constant 20 Lumens from dusk to dawn. The SolarGo2 GL001 is ideal for placing near an entrance door, long driveways, walkways and pathways in and around your garden.

Please note: To get the very best from this light you need to have the solar panel on the top of the light facing the sky and not shaded all day.

** ASL2.1 Technology gives the ability to preserve its power and slightly dim the main output power when it detects the energy of the Li-ion battery (built into the unit) is starting to run low, Giving you extra days with a working light even when the weather conditions are working against a solar powered system. This technology gives you up to 270% more working time over similar solar products.

** TCS Technology gives the device the ability to protect the internal battery from the high and low extremes in temperature. This in turn extends the life of the battery.

ALS Technology TCS Technology
How do I turn on the light, I cannot see any buttons?

The ON/OFF/FUNCTION button is recessed into the area with the LED lights towards the back. Simply turn the light upside down and place the supplied pin into the hole and you will feel it press a button.

How do I know what mode the light is in?

This light has two modes, both are activated with the ON/OFF/FUNCTION button. When you press this button with the supplied pin, the unit (if power is available) will shine a coloured LED. The colour of the LED shows you the mode the light is in as follows:


100% i.e. 50 lumens for 2h > 80% for 1 hour > 60% for 1 hour > 40% for 1 hour > 30% for 1 hour then finally 20% light output until dawn


20 lumens until dawn

The light seems very dim, do I have a problem?

There could be a few reasons for this. Please check the following:

  • The light is set to Mode 2. Please see the above question to help with mode settings.
  • The light has been on for 5 or more hours and it is set to Mode 1. This mode slowly drops the lighting levels during the night.

The battery in the unit has a low charge

Please see the below question on how to check battery power levels. Then, if needed, charge it back up in the sun.

The light was bright at the start of the evening but now seems a lot dimmer, what could be wrong?

It sounds like you have the light set to Mode 1 and this is perfectly normal. But just in case you could check the battery has sufficient power. See the battery question below.

Do I need to bring this light in during the winter in the UK?

This is totally up to you. The light is IP65 rated and could stay out all year long, but we do know customers that like to bring the light in for the winter. If you do bring it in for the winter, please make sure to turn the light off using the small pin and pressing the power button.

I am worried that the internal battery will die, and I will not have a working light, can I replace it?

If your light stops working, please call us and we will help you get it going again. If the Internal battery needs replacing it is something we need to do in our workshop and not something you can do at home, sorry.

I am only getting 2 to 3 hours of light, what is wrong?

This sounds like your battery is in a low state of charge. Please leave the light in a nice sunny spot for a day or two. This will let the sunlight charge the battery back up.

How do I know if the built-in battery has got power in it?

This light has a wonderful way of checking the power in the battery depending on the time of day.

If it is daylight you should see a small LED flashing. The colour of this LED will show the power stored inside the battery at that moment:

Flashing Green
70% + charge in the battery
Flashing Orange
30% to 70% charge in the battery
Flashing Red
under 30% charge in the battery

If it is night-time and the light is on you will see the LED reports this with the following indication:

Steady Green
70% + charge in the battery
Steady Orange
30% to 70% charge in the battery
Steady Red
Under 30% charge in the battery
Flashing Red
Under 10% charge in the battery

NO light means your battery is completely flat and will need two or three days of good sunshine to get back to a normal charge.

I have dropped / broken my light do you have spare parts?

We do carry a few spare parts so please call the office to see what we can do to help.

I have lost the small pin can I get another or what do you recommend to replace it?

I know I have lost the pin a few times, but a good replacement is a phone sim card pin if you have one or a safety pin. Both will let you use the ON/OFF/FUNCTION button on the light.

Where can I buy more of this light?

Directly from this website or call us on 01684 607002

Solar Panel
Li-Ion Battery
Capacity2.96Wh (0.8Ah)
Charging / Discharging Temp0°C to 45°C / -20°C to 60°C
Charging time from solar6H
LED make / modelOSRAM - 2835
LED Amount4 LEDS per light
Colour Temp3000k, Ra 80+ (warm white)
Max output501lm
PIR RangeN/A
PIR AngleN/A
Core Control TechnologyALS 2.1 / TCS 1.0
IP / IK ClassIP65 / IK10
Install Info
Install HeightN/A
MethodScrews / Optional Ground spike
Size530mm(H) x 70mm(W) x 106mm(D)
UK weather> 10days (from full battery)
Control ModesOn / Off / Select Mode Button
FunctionsM1 : 50lm 2h dropping in stages to 20lm at 6 hours
M2 : 20lm all night
Cover Period1 Year


View: SolarGo2 GL001 Datasheet (PDF)

Download: SolarGo2 GL001 Datasheet (PDF)

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