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SolarGo2 Tough PWM Inline Charge Controller 15A

Tough PWM Inline Charge Controller 15A

Tough PWM Inline Charge Controller 15A

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The SolarGo2’s 15A PWM waterproof & tough inline solar regulator is as tough as you need it for an outside lifestyle. It’s designed to work perfectly with our comprehensive range of 12v leisure solar panels but it will equally work well with any 12v solar panel* you may already have.

This rugged solar regulator will optimally charge a large range of 12v battery types, including AGM, Gel, Calcium, Wet and all the common lithium variants including LiFePO4, Li-ion and Li+. The SolarGo2’s 15A PWM waterproof inline solar regulator contains a large backlit LCD screen giving you live information regarding the power input / output and the charge level of the battery.

SolarGo2 Tough PWM Inline Charge Controller 15A
Tough PWM Inline Charge Controller 15A

Internally it has a host of smart electronics to protect your battery including reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, reverse current protection, overcharge protection and much more.

This 15A charge controller has 6 stages of charging and also has a remarkable feature, giving the controller the ability to “wake up” a dead lithium battery where the battery management has taken control and stopped the battery from working.

Finally, this controller comes with the two hard waring Eddison plugs required to wire in your panels and batteries. *panels with an open circuit of up to 25v and for 12v battery charging only.

Electrical Characteristics
Rated Maximum Solar Panel Current 15A
Normal Solar Cell Array Input Voltage 15 - 25V DC
Lowest Operating Voltage (Solar or Battery) 8V DC
Standby Consumption 5mA
Max. Voltage Drop (Solar Panel to Battery) 0.25V DC
Min. Battery Start Charging Voltage 3v DC
Soft Start Charging Voltage/Current 3 - 10V ±0.2V / Max. 15A
Absorption Charging Voltage @25°C ▼
LTO Battery14.0V ±0.2V
LiFePO Battery14.4V ±0.2V
AGM Battery14.4V ±0.2V
Wet Cell Battery14.7V ±0.2V
Gel Battery14.1V ±0.2V
Calcium Battery14.9V ±0.2V
Absorption Transitions to Equalisation or Float When ▼
Charging Current Drop to0.5A ±0.1A
Or Total Absorption Charging Time Reaches4 Hours
Equalisation Charge (Wet & Calcium Cells Only) Activated When ▼
Battery Voltage Discharge To Less Than10V ±0.2V
Time Elapsed Since Last Equalisation Charges28 Days
Equalisation Charge @25°C 15.5V ±0.2V
Equalisation Charge Timeout 2 Hours
Float Charge Voltage @25°C ▼
LTO & LiFePO413.4V ±0.2V
AGM, Wet, Gel, Calcium13.6V ±0.2V
Restart Voltage ▼
LTO & LiFePO413.3V ±0.2V
AGM, Wet, Gel, Calcium12.8V ±0.2V
Voltage Control Accuracy ±1%
Battery Temperature Compensation Co-efficient Under 24mV/°C
Temperature Compensation Range -20°C ~ 50°C
Input/Output Terminals 50A Anderson Connector
Materials ABS Plastic
Waterproof Rating IP65
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Operating Humidity Range 0% ~ 100%
Net Weight (g) 300
Dimension (mm) 200 × 85 × 48
Protection Circuits Reverse Polarity Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Reverse Current Protection
Overcharge Protection
Transient Overvoltage Protection
Overtemperature Protection
Product Construction 2 Years


View: SolarGo2 Tough PWM Inline Charge Controller 15A Instructions (PDF)

Download: SolarGo2 Tough PWM Inline Charge Controller 15A Instructions (PDF)

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