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Welcome to a new SolarGo2

Big things are changing and progressing here at SolarGo2

WOW!!! So far 2021 has been an exceptional year for SolarGo2. We have moved into our own unit that took many months of work to bring up to standard, as a place we feel comfortable to work in and also a place we can receive guests. We have grown our product range by starting to provide high end solar panels and fitting systems alongside our existing quality solar lighting to many of our trade and consumer customers. But the biggest new of all is we have expanded in numbers.

The SolarGo2 team, stood outside their new unit, holding a SolarGo2 sign. The sign reads: SolarGo2 - Go2 Solar Solutions

I would like to welcome a new partner to SolarGo2. Kevin will bring years of experience to the company. I have had the privilege of both knowing him as a friend and also working with him over the years and I now believe we have a tremendous team to push the company into next year and also up to the next level.

Kevin, our technical director, comes to us as a qualified electrician with 40+ years of experience in generators, leisure vehicles, solar system design, solar installations, etc etc. this list goes on and on!!

I have worked with Kevin on a few projects in the past that ranged from fairly simple stuff like creating and specifying power systems for caravans and boats to designing, precuring, creating and deploying solar powered grid systems that are powering both street lighting and providing electricity to the remote island of Remba in Kenya.

This man doesn't take fools lightly but, if you're willing to learn, he has a huge heart and a fantastic wealth of knowledge that he is always willing to pass on.

Portrait of Kevin, our new technical director

As I am sure you will agree SolarGo2 has made some exciting changes to both product ranges and new team members. However, we will not be resting on our laurels and have some exciting new products in development that I hope will expand the possibilities of what solar PV can achieve.

Finally, I would love to wish both Pete and Kevin all the luck in the world as they help SolarGo2 to grow over the coming months and years.