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Raw Dogg Custom Solar Sign Lighting

SolarGo2's custom project to light up a company sign

We were approached by Raw Dogg at one of the shows we attend throughout the year asking if any of our products would light up their company sign for a few hours each night.

After talking through our product range, none of our standard products seemed like a perfect fit, so we decided to create a bespoke product that would fit the bill and, just as importantly, fit the budget.

We decided that we only needed 3 to 4 hours of runtime per day (4pm to 8pm) as this was when the most traffic would be passing by the sign.

So, with a few simple calculations we decided on a 40W Solar panel that we could fix both the controller system and waterproof LED lights to making this a very simple install onto the sign.

Solar Panel installation in a field

A single cable would be needed to run to the battery for storage of the collected power during the day, and this battery would then power the lights for the 4 hours required per day.

The size of the battery also needed to be calculated to make sure that in the event of 4 or 5 days of very poor winter weather we would have enough energy to keep the light shining each night.

2 weeks later we installed a completely solar powered sign light that produces power every day, for a set number of hours, all year round. We now also have another very happy customer.

Graph showing colour temperature range in Kelvins (K)

If you have any lighting projects that would be great powered by solar then give us a call and we will see what we can do for you.