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Roamer Roamer 160Ah LiFePo4 Battery

Roamer 160Ah LiFePo4 Battery


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Drop in to get outdoors

The Roamer 160SMART4 offers the most usable capacity of any battery in its size. If you’re swapping out an old 90-100Ah battery, then chances are your 160SMART4 will drop straight in without needing to modify existing brackets or spacers. And because it can be installed in any orientation, it fits comfortably under a seat, in a side cupboard, or behind the wheel arch.

The upgraded BMS actively balances all internal cells and supports installation of up to sixteen 160SMART4 batteries in parallel. It provides a complete range of protections including low temperature charging.

Roamer 160Ah LiFePo4 Battery
Avon 84Ah lithium battery

Taking charge of your power requirements

Each Roamer 160SMART4 is crafted using the highest quality matched and traceable Grade A cells and comes assembled with precision-engineered brackets, double-bolted cell connections, flexible copper busbars and an IP65 waterproof case.

To lengthen the life of your 160SMART4, our innovative internal Battery Management System (BMS) with Active Balancing has been exclusively developed for Roamer to support high power off-grid living. And we back everything with a 10 year warranty - because that’s how much we believe in our product.

Maintaining excellent balance throughout its 15 year life expectancy, the Roamer 160SMART4 delivers stable, high power with each and every cycle.

Simple setup
Comprehensive power

Your adventure starts with your setup. And with Roamer, it’s quick and easy. Simply choose your battery location, attach the cables, configure your chargers, and download our Roamer BMS app for real-time monitoring. Uninterrupted power = uninterrupted adventure.

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