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Hello World

Introducing SolarGo2 - a company backed by 23+ years of experience in the PV solar and renewables sector

Yes, I know this is an old timers techy start to a blog, but I have never blogged before and I guess I needed to start somewhere.

Welcome to SolarGo2 a friendly, family company built on 23+ years experience in the technology sector of which over 13 years have been in the PV solar and renewables sector.

During my time in the industry I have been designing and helping customers create solutions, from powering remote pub signs and keeping a caravan running in the middle of a field in the UK to designing, building and deploying a power grid system on a remote island in Kenya.

SolarGo2 is starting with a small range of powerful, quality solar lighting. Whether it is solar pathway lighting, solar security lighting, solar landscape lighting or simply lighting up your shed, greenhouse, stable etc with our solar shed lights, I hope to have a solution for you.

In the months and years to come I hope to expand the product range giving you many more simple solutions to everyday problems.

Solar PV is such an untapped source of energy that, if you know its limitations, will be able to help you when you have not got a power outlet available. I am really looking forward to helping you my customers get the best from the solar powered product you select.

Well that is it 😊 We are up and running! Please feel free to browse and purchase from our product range and get in touch if you need any help.