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Solar PV Systems

Here at SolarGo2 we can install your solar system and or battery system in many ways. Below are some examples but please tell us if you have seen another way and, if possible, we will do our best to accommodate this for you.

PV Systems

Generally, on a building that is already built, we will install over the roof, and we would only need to lift a few tiles to fix the brackets to your beams before returning the removed tiles to make sure your roof remains waterproof.

We then install everything on to the brackets so your solar system “floats” above your roof. This helps keep the panels cool and helps keep the efficiency up.

A solar panel mounted into a roof
A solar panel mounted into a roof

If you have a building that’s in the process of being built or you’re having a new roof installed, then an in-roof system might be your best option. This will save you on roofing materials and give your system an integral look on your building.

Flat roof / Ground mounted systems are also an option but we will confirm if this is possible on a site visit.

Please note that ground mounted systems may require planning permission.

Battery Systems

Generally, a battery system will be installed inside your home. The size of this can vary depending on the size of the battery bank, but for a simple home install this will be roughly the size of an average size suitcase.

For an industrial installation, it could be the size of a couple of large fridge freezers.

It is possible to install battery systems on an outside wall, however, while this type of system is normally more expensive, in some instances it's the only option.