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Solar PV Warranty/Servicing


We give a 10 Year warranty on your whole solar system. The warranty for the inverter may require you to fill out a form from the manufacturer, but don’t worry we will help you with this process if required.

Unfortunately things do sometimes go wrong, but you can be assured in the event of a problem we will consider it a priority and get onto the issue ASAP giving you piece of mind from day one.

Install warranty (workmanship): 10 Years

Inverter warranty: 10 years

Panel warranty: 10 years workmanship / build, 25-year performance (80% of original power output at year 25)


Generally, there is not much to go wrong on a solar PV system or battery system, but we do recommend you having a system check every 3-4 years. This checks everything is working as it should and means you are getting the very best from your system.

We can quote you for this work if required. You might also want to get your panels cleaned every 3 to 4 years this will ensure any dust build-up or bird mess is removed and keeps your panels working at their peak performance. This can normally be done by a local window cleaner if they are using a pole system for window cleaning.

Please note: Although recommended it’s NOT required for any warranties you have with us on your system.